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So I Quit My Job...

So initially I started this out as a Facebook post, so I figured I’d leave it in it’s original format...just with a little more razzle dazzle. Lol so enjoy!


I don’t update Facebook as often as I do my other platforms lol.

Anywho, y’all know I quit my job back in December?

Story time, el oh el! I don’t feel like editing a video, nor do I have the time..so I felt like this post would be better. I proofread 30 times I promise, but life happens if you catch me lacking.

Best thing I ever did, I’ve NEVER been happier with where my brand is headed, let alone in life. Just so I’m clear. Lol


I sat in corporate jobs over 10 years, I had great times...and horrid times. I met some amazing life long friends, and some “let’s agree to disagree” people. Lol but I learned so much! I learned operations, and mastering MYSELF and MY reaction in a corporate settin. Dealing with people I may be at odds with &’ crushing the mission, still.

When it would get frustrating, I would ask God what am I learning here?! Because EYE AM TARD. (Laid off &’ brought back etc...y’all know from the previous post.)

After a hard work day the moment would come for me to debrief. That is when God would show me what I learned. I would be in my bed looking at the ceiling and it would just drop on me “awwww! I see what You did there.” Then I dealt with the afterthoughts and tucked it away.

I felt like a lesson was coming back to back last year with that place. Also did y’all know life doesn’t stop outside of work?! Like how ghetto, right?!


Things I never really thought about...from a perspective of operations on a larger scale...to being able to properly manage. Nothing had changed about this setting but my perspective. Things were happening that I wasn’t privy to. I didn’t need this information to ”take over“ there. However I did need to realign, so I started watching management heavily. God wanted me to see past what I was actually seeing.

I was so mentally and spiritually defeated...and telling me you care vs showing me you care. Two different things, uhkay?

From inappropriate questions about my hair I NEVER SPOKE ON (I’m a black woman, stop playing in my face lol)

To the what already felt very public and odd passing of my grandfather. Due to COVID regulations we streamed all services, of course. Now, why someone even felt appropriate in the work place to ask me details. THE FIRST MORNING I RETURNED FROM BEREAVEMENT LEAVE is really beyond me.

Can I be myself here? I almost hit someone in the mouth, like just from pure shock. God saved them. This is my truth. Lol


It took me so much to put myself together to go into a place I hated. That really messed me up, they ended up sending me home after that incident. I couldn’t even act okay that day. I slept for two days before returning to the office.


Think before you speak.


However as I was going through these different scenarios I would just be ready to spazz, but I never did. I would just go to the bathroom cry, FaceTime my friends to vent, and get through the day.

I get home with all the stress of the day weighing on me...but wait, there’s more! The anxiety and anticipation of the next day was there to meet me at my apartment.


I could not sleep, I did not eat. I was miserable. Those closest to me were concerne. No thank you.


The LAST straw for me though...

The loss of my grandfather turned into a situation of me being gaslighted.

I WAS AT THE GRAVESITE AND THEY WERE TEXTING ME, because timely responses were only obligated of one party.

I can now laugh at this because whew, wild times. Lol

If you knew my job duties/responsibilities they trusted me to not only do BUT TEACH AND INSPECT on their behalf, on their dime, across the country...you’d understand why certain questions not formally mentioned were unacceptable.

Eye am not arguing with a soul, I said what I said.



COVID has been life altering to say the least, I’m sure we can all agree.

I was getting COVID tested because of a possible exposure and one of my bosses wanted me to come in, without results.

Y’all I had to get 3 separate test.🥲

I called my mother and I said “Sis, this don’t sound right lol...”

She said get it in writing. I said bet.

Y’all I asked for it in writing and obviously this man lost his mind. Lol I’ve never been more insulted by the tone of a text in my life. I said, “ooop, this is it for me big dawg.” To myself and I text my mom back “it’s cool, ima quit.” Lol she called and said “I think that’s an irrational decision.”

I said “ you may be right, but I meant what I said. I am going to pray about it.”


Y’all I prayed about it and God gave me the okay, almost immediately. I’m not even gonna hold you, I was shocked. Like what we in tune God🥲🤣 lol?! So, I sat with it before I called my mom back and even asked God again. It’s Friday so I got until Monday to really decide, that’s my thou process!! However in my heart Of hearts I was like “you’re going on a shirt bucko!” Cause like, this is deaaaad.

So I called my mom back and told her, and she gave absolutely no pushback...I was like oh God you already working this thing out cause this is not what she was saying an hour ago.

I text my boss back “ok” lol. He wanted me to cuss, but nope. Lol

I went back to a job that I had truly out grown...but because I had a jacked up perception I missed things I should’ve seen previously. It wasn’t all bad, let me be clear this was my favorite job I’ve ever worked. I met some of the most genuine people, I also learned more than I had in a long time. I also learned how valuable I truly am. I learned how much I was truly capable of. Thank you for that.

Monday morning 4am I’m wide awake can’t sleep, I’m still firm on my decision. I say bet. I get up, her dressed and made the 80+ min round trip drive that I had been making for the last six years of my life. I felt...pure joy. I smiled the whole way there proud of me, that I took a stand for me. As minor as it may seem to others, this was major in my eyes.


Turned in my creditals and was out the door before anyone could stop me. I was on a mission, mind made up!!

Friday when I woke up I did not plan on quitting my job, Monday morning it was UP! Lol I was complacent and God knew it...leaving was always the mission but the time was never right.

That day I was presented with a major opportunity which just further confirmed I made the right decision.

There has been a major weight lifted off of me. I can genuinely say I feel the difference. I’m a happier person. God has provided and I can’t wake to update y’all more. I can assure you right now I’m doing the shadow work in becoming the best me but also focusing on my baby Posh Doomz! Stay locked in for launches.



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