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As we all know life is what you make it, but are you really out here living your best life when it comes to fashion!? Are you too caught up on fashion brands that you feel like you can’t get fly while staying in your price range? Well here I am, yet again putting that misnomer to death lol! Seriously, have you ever caught yourself saying “Yo, I need clothes...but I can’t afford it!”? WELL, YES YOU CAN! We blow so much money on things not realizing where our money goes!!! (BUT that’s another topic for another day so I digress.) However, I said all that to say, here are my top 3 tips on finding and rocking affordable clothing! Oh yeah let’s not forget about quality, quality affordable clothing! 1. Hit the clearance rack FIRST! I don’t care what store I’m in, show me the markdowns first sus! I can’t even shop in peace if I know I haven’t shopped the most affordable section in the store! (You monsters that don’t check the clearance section how do you sleep at night?!) A lot of time leading stores turnover rates are so crazy with outgoing and incoming merchants and merchandise that they are forced to put practically new items on the clearance rack...so that jacket you want wait two weeks, it’ll be marked down and you can probably even find a coupon. Plus if you live in Louisville it’s 30 degrees today but you’ll definitely be able to wear those sandals tomorrow because the forecast is 80! (So a couple weeks won’t kill ya! Lol) 2. Thrift Store Finds Listen I was the only child for 10 years and arguably my grandmother’s favorite (debate ya mammy lol) so we stayed at the DAV’s, Goodwill’s, and all consignment shops. Thankfully it kinda stuck with me, I thrift on the regular! However depending on what part of town you’re in the quality of items definitely will change. So find your local thrift shops and find who is offering what you’re looking for! Also a lot of time there are designer items for the low my G! Oh and I’m really weird about being in a thrift store for too long so I start getting a little creeped out because of the dust, but take hand sanitizer! I promise after the 5th or 20th time sanitizing you’ll feel just fine! 3. Email Subscriptions. Coupons. Sale Days. When you find that favorite store of yours make sure you sign up for the rewards card! You’re spending money midas whale (might as well) reap the benefits! I don’t care what store I’m in I’m checking Retail Me Not and Google to make sure I get every discount and save all the coinT! Goodwill has a color of the week and also on Tuesday and Sunday’s an additional 50% off, quit playing with me! Anywho, email marketing is extremely lucrative for businesses so to reel you in they are gonna give you the opportunity to sign up for their emails and usually there’s a perk attached such as a percentage off or free shipping. Also right now reward/point programs are really hot so if you see it, sign up! The more you spend the more you earn! Again you’re going to spend that money you might as well get something back in return! Now don’t get me wrong every item you want isn’t gonna be on sale and that’s okay! If I want it bad enough I’ll spend the money! However I also have zero problems bargain hunting, you feel me?! Now there’s more tips on how to save the shmoney but this is definitely a great start! This summer I want to keep y’all fly while keeping the pockets fat! Hit me up on IG if you have anymore questions!! I talk back sus! You gotta follow me though lol! (I follow back sometimes 💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️😂) Dominai.Michele IG| I Talk Back

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