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Name Brands: Are They Truly Essential?

"To brand or not to brand..that is the que..." Wait why is that even a question? Lol

No seriously as a true fashionista do you feel that you have to wear a name brand in order to be fashionable & trendy? Well I'm here to put that misnomer to DEATH! If you truly feel confident in what you're wearing and what you like who cares?! No seriously who cares? How do you think trends are made? You do have to start somewhere, who knows someone may follow your lead! As I do some research I notice a lot of top bloggers, YouTube gurus and fashionistas LOVE off brand clothing and accessories as long as they are of great quality. Think about it a lot of those people know that they set the standard so they do what they want! Now don't get me wrong, I love a great name brand item or deal, but my entire wardrobe will not dwell on brands alone. Plus the way that my bank account is set up that's just not my financial testimony lol! So tell me what you think about this brand vs no brand hoopla! Share this blog with a friend! Here at Posh Doomz we are really informal and chill, I told y'all in the first post I am NOT a blogger. We are here to have fun and learn, come join us. PVO! Stay Posh 💕Doomz

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