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Humble Beginnings

I'm really not much of a blogger...lol. I tweet follow me by the way @PoshDoomz (shameless plug), and I update my facebook facebook.com/poshdoomz (another shameless plug) ...does that count or no lol? I will treat this like one of my journals (yes I journal in real life maybe one day my first journal will be on a best sellers list lol) Anywho I think this may be a great way for me and my customers to keep in touch, build a relationship ya know? I know you are all probably wondering the following: Who exactly is Posh Doomz? Ummm who told her she was "posh"? What is she talking about man? Well I thought I would take the time to introduce myself to the people who are supporting my dream! Check out my launch and 25th birthday party highlighted by the dope up and coming blogger Shantel Pettway! I plan to blog/vlog many of the voyages I take as an owner of a small boutique that will one day be big time.


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