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All Things Posh. Chic. Cheap.

Posh (päSH/) : elegant or stylishly luxurious; in an upper-class way; the quality or state of being elegant, stylish, or upper-class.

Who doesnt want to embody all the things listed above while staying true to yourself and your budget?

Posh Doomz LLC. My company is an online women's boutique that launched March 2016. In the past years I questioned my purpose and now I know it is to help others. What better way to help others by helping them feel beautiful, but at a reasonable price?! Posh Doomz will offer some of the finest hand-picked garmets to young adults as well as business class women. We will add new merch to the site weekly, we will try to keep you exclusive! Building a brand from the ground-up requires a lot of time and sacrifice and I am willng to pay that price and I can not wait to see the growth of this company through the years! I am forever thankful for any and all the love and support. Wanna know more? Drop a comment below! Thank you all! - Love Doomz

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