Summer 3 Wick Collection

Summer 3 Wick Collection

Scent Description &’ Vibe

[ Sundress]

-Description: Assorted island fruits paired with essential oils. 

•Vibe: Your favorite sundress, lipgloss, shades and hoop earrings…now add a beach!🏖

[ Surf]

-Description: Sand and Sea mixed with a costal kale paired with essential oils.

•Vibe:  Think resort, oh and pool side bar. You’re welcome.

[ My Cabana]

-Description:  Honey Oatmeal and Coconut Coral paired with essential oils.

•Vibe:  We on the beach sis, we oily. We smell like the finest oils and mango butter. Giving all this melanin, okay? Sitting under our cabana.

[ Glow]

-Description:  Fresh linen, ocean breeze, and vanilla paired with essential oils.

•Vibe: Round the way girl! Chill time, great vibes. Sis, you it. Icing on the cake. 


Posh Doomz presents the largest vessel of our collection. Weighing in at a over 1.8 pounds and standing over 5 inches tall, this jar is sure to make a statement if selected to star in your candle collection.

18.25 oz (approx.)
100% Soy Wax
Reusable canister