For Clarity Incense
  • For Clarity Incense

    5 full length incense sticks wrapped and ready for your home! While making my own was fun, I fell in love with this brand during my research and found them wholesale. I’ll still make my own and they will be noted, but these have been tested for months and I absolutely love them! More scents to come! These famous Wild-Berry premium incense sticks bring natural and soothing fragrances to your home or workplace, with each captured scent proving to be quite wonderful and calming. 
    MANGO PASSION features an exotic mango and passion fruit scent with notes of mandarin orange, nectarine peach and candied orange peel. 
    FIZZY POP an effervescent splash of lemon lime soda fragrance with bright sparkling notes which include energizing citrus, light orange flower and citronella
    SUMMER NIGHT (Handmade) hand dipped in orchid oil with peonies notes.